About Komponent...

About Komponenten

We are making budgets concerning purchase

of laboratory equipment, components, and other things.


Lending / Delivering of components, projekt equipment,

IT consumergoods, and toolboxes to the students.


Registration of equipment and instruments.


Advising in connection with choosing of electronical

components to different projects.


Laboratories and workshops servicing, etc.


Repairing and maintenance of instruments and

measuring tools.


Opening Hours

 Monday to Thursday 

8.00 - 16.00 


8.00 - 15.30 

Komponenten | Aalborg University | Fredrik Bajers Vej 7, B1-104 | DK-9220 Aalborg | Denmark
Phone: (+45) 9940 8608 | E-mail komponenten@es.aau.dk
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