Recommended Op-Amps.

OPA27 Ultra Low Noice Precision Op-Amp  
TLC072 Dual High Speed, High Output Op-Amp  
TLC084 Quad High Output Op-Amp  
TLC271 CMOS, Single Supply, Programmable Op-Amp  
TLC272 Dual CMOS, Single Supply Op-Amp  
TLC274 Quad CMOS, Single Supply Op-Amp  
AD620AN Low-Cost, Low-power, Instrumentation Op-Amp  
TLE2071 Excalibur JFET Low noise, high speed Op-Amp  
TLE2072 Dual Excalibur JFET Low noise, high speed Op-Amp  
TLE2074 Quad Excalibur JFET Low noise, high speed Op-Amp  
TLC2201CP Low Noise Precision Op-Amp, CMOS, Rail to Rail  
  Linear Devices  
AMP05 Fast Settling JFET inst. Amp 15 μS 5 V/μsec  
OP07CP Low Noise, Precision Op-Amp  
HT12D Remote Control Decoder  
HT12E Remote Control Encoder  
OP27 Low Noise, Precision Op-Amp 3.5nV/Hz,  
OPA27 Ultra Low Noise Precision Op-amp  
OP37 High Speed vers of OP 27. 17V/μs, Avcl > 5  
TL061 Fet Input, Very Low Power 3.5 V/μs, 42nV/Hz  
TL062 Dual TL O61 Op-Amp  
TL071 Fet Input, Low Noise/Power 13V/μs, 18nV/Hz  
TLC071 High Speed, High Output Op-Amp  
TL072 Dual TL071 Op-Amp  
TLC072 Dual High Speed, High Output Op-Amp  
TL074 Quad TL071 Op-Amp  
TL081 Fet Input, Low Noise/Power 13V/μs, 18nV/Hz  
TL082 Dual TL081 Op-Amp (Use TLE 2072)  
TL084 Quad TL081 Op-Amp (Use TLE 2074)  
TLC084 Quad Op-Amp  
INA110 Fast setting Fet-input inst amp  
INA121PA Fet Input Low Noise Instrumentation Op-Amp  
DRV134 Line-Driver  
INA137 Single line receiver  
L149 Linear driver 4A  
L165 Power Op-Amp 3 A servo  
OP177GP Ultra-precision Op-Amp (offset 20μV)  
UAA180 LED-driver for 12 LED  
XR210 FSK (Demodulator/Modulator)  
XR215 PLL (Fasekomp, VCO, Op?Amp) 35 MHz  
INA217 Inst. Amp Low noise Low dist.  
OP227 2x Low Noise/ Precision Instrumentation Amp.  
TLC271 CMOS, Single Supply,Programmable Op-Amp  
TLC272 Dual CMOS, Single Supply Op-Amp  
TLC274 Quad CMOS, Single Supply Op-Amp  
MAX274 Active filter  
MAX275 4 orders continous-time active filters  
OP275 Dual bipolar JFET, audio Op-Amp.  
L292 Switch-mode Driver for DC-motors  
L293 Dual full bridge driver with diode  
L297 Stepper driver til L298  
L298 Dual full-bridge driver  
LM301A Very Low Bias Op-Amp. Uncompensated  
LM308N/H Low Power Op-Amp (Use TLE 2021)  
LM310N/H Voltage Follower, BW 20 MHz, 30 V/μsek  
LM311P Comparator, Dual/Single Supply  
LM318N/H/P Op-Amp, BW 15 MHz, 50 V/μs  
LM319N Dual High Speed Comparator, Dual/Single Supply  
LM324 Quad Op-Amp, Dual/Single Supply  
LP324 Quad Op-Amp, Dual/Single Supply,Low Power  
LM339 Quad Comparator  
OPA350 Op-Amp Rail To Rail  
LF356N/H FET Input Op-Amp 12V/μs (Use TLE 2071)  
LF357N FET Input,Wide Band Op-Amp,50V/μs,(BRUG TLE 2071)  
LM358AN Dual Op-Amp Single supply  
LM361 High Speed Diff Comp, TTL Output  
LM380N 2.5W Audio Power Amplier  
LM386-1 Low Voltage, 0.5W Audio Amp  
LM393AN Dual Comparator  
LS404CB Quad Op-Amp, single-supply 10μV/Hz  
LF411C Low Offset, Low Drift, JFet, 20uV/C, 15V/us  
OPA445AP High Voltage Fet Input Op-amp  
LM555CN Timer, TTL-Compatibel  
TS555 Timer. As LM 555  
TLC555CP CMOS Timer, max 2 MHz  
NE556CP Dual Timer (2stk.NE 555)  
NE564 PLL ( VCO, Lim, Fasecomp ) 50MHz  
NE566V VCO, Dual/Single Supply Fmax 1 Mhz  
NE567N PLL (CCO, Fasedet, Quadraturfasedet)  
AD620AN Low-cost, Low-power, instrumentation Op-Amp  
AD630JN Balanced Modulator/Demodulator  
AD633JN 4-quadrant multiplier  
LPC662AIN Low power dual Op-Amp Rail-to-Rail  
UA733CN Diff Video Amp, BW 200 MHz  
AD736JNZ True RMS to DC Converter  
UA741CN Op-Amp, No Latch-Up (Use TLE 2021)  
UA747C Dual Op-Amp, No Latch-Up  
TCA785 Triac Contr./Thyristor contr.  
AFL811WF20K Lowpass Filter 11.Order Dual Chebyshev  
LMC835 Digital Controlled Graphic Equalizer  
AD841JN Wide band. Uniti,gain stable Op-Amp 300V/uS  
AD844 Op-Amp 60 MHz 2000V/μS  
LT1078 Dual prec. Op-Amp single supply  
DS1267-010 Dual Digital Potentiometer 2X256 pos.10kOhm  
DS1267-100 Dual Digital Potentiometer 2X256 pos.100kOhm  
MC1458P Dual Op-Amp  
MC1495L Linear 4-kvadrant Multiplier  
MC1496P Balanced Modulator / Demodulator  
TDA1524 Stereo Volume Control  
TDA1576 FM-IF amp / demodulator  
DS1621 Digital Thermometer  
DS1666-010 Digital Potentiometer 10Kohm  
DS1804 Digital Potentiometer  
LM1893N Power-line Carrier Current Transceiver  
SSM2017 Selfcontained audio preamp. 750pV/Hz  
SSM2018 VCA-Audio  
TLE2021 Excalibur High speed low power, prec. Op-Amp.  
TLE2022 Dual TLE 2021  
TLE2024 Quad TLE 2021  
TLE2062 Excalibur J-FET, High output, μPower  
TLE2071 Excalibur JFET Low noise, high speed Op-Amp  
TLE2072 Dual Excalibur JFET Low noise, high speed Op-Amp.  
TLE2074 Excalibur JFET Low noise, high speed Op-Amp.  
XR2123C PSK Modulator / Demodulator  
DBX2150A VCA Audio  
TLC2201CP Low Noise Precision Op-Amp, CMOS, Rail to Rail  
XR2206C Functionsgenerator (0.01 Hz ? 1 Mhz)  
XR2207C VCO (0.01 Hz ? 1 MHz)  
XR2208C 4-Kvadrant Analog Multiplier  
XR2209C Precision Oscillator (0.01 Hz - 1 MHz)  
XR2211C FSK Demodulator/Tone Decoder  
XR2212C Precision PLL (0.01 Hz - 300 KHz)  
XR2228C 4 Kvadrant Analog Multiplier  
XR2240C Programmable Timer 3μS-days / Counter  
TLV2322IP LINCMOS 3V Op-Amp.  
SG2524 PWM Regulator  
ULN2803 Darlington Array 8 bit TTL kompatibel 50V/0.5A  
ULN2804 Som ULN2803 blot CMOS - TTL kompatibel  
MC2830 Voice Activated Switch  
MC2833 Low power FM transmitter  
LM2917 Frekvens to Voltage converter  
CA3080 Transkonduktans Amp  
CA3096E NPN/PNP Trans array  
CA3127 VHF Darlington Array  
MC3423P Overvoltage Circuit  
LM3900N Quad Amplifiers, Dual/Single Supply  
LM3909 LED Flasher/Oscillator  
LM3914 DOT/BAR Display Driver  
LM3915 DOT/BAR Display Driver  
TLE4905L Low cost Hall Element  
CAT5114 Digital Potentiometer 100Kohm  
NE5230 Low voltage Op-amp (1,5V single / dual)  
MM5437 Noise-generator, White / Pink Noise  
NE5517 Dual Transconductance Amp  
NE5532 Dual Low Noise, int. Comp Op-Amp, 9V/μs, 5nVHz  
NE5534A Low Noise Op-Amp, 13V/μs  
NE5539N Ultra High Frequency Op-Amp, 600V/μs  
NE5568 SMPS controller  
NE5900 Call Process Decoder PBX  
TLC 5940 LED Driver 16 channel  
SL6270C Gain Controlled Pre-Amp  
SL6440 Mixer  
TDA7050 Low Voltage Mono/Stereo Power Amp  
SAA7111 Video input processor  
TDA7264 Lydforstærker Klasse AB 2 kanal stereo 25 W  
ICL8038C VCO 0.001 Hz - 300 Khz  
TDA8349A Multistandard IF Amp.& Demodulator og Switch  
TDA8440 Video Switch for CTV  
LM13600 Dual Transkonduktans Amp  
MC34018 Voice Switched Speaker Phone Circuit  

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