Microcontroller, Perifer.

DS1307 I2C RTC  
ADSP2100 Digital Signal Processor  
ADSP2101 Digital Signal Processor  
ADSP2181 Digital Signal Processor  
DSP56002 Digital Signal Processor  
TMS320C15-25 Digital Signal Processor  
TMS320C26 Digital Signal Processor  
HYC9088-R ARCNET Twisted pair and coax. cable  
SJA1000 CAN Bus controller  
MCP2510 CAN Bus controller  
MC6821 PIA  
MC68B40 Programmable Timer Module  
S68B50 ACIA  
MC68HC705KEP 8 bit MCU  
MC6854 Advanced Datalink Controller  
MC68B54 Advanced Datalink Controller  
PCF8574 Rem. I/O I2C bus  
PCF8584 I2C bus Controller  
MC68000FN12 Microprocessor 16 bit  
MK68901 UART  
MC68230P10 Parallel Interface/Timer  
NS16C450 UART  
NS16550AFN UART with FIFO  
TL16C750FN UART with FIFO  
SCN68681 UART for 68000 Dual  
HCTL2032 Quadrature Decoder/Counter interface  
ATTINY-2313 AVR Microprocessor PWM  
ATMEGA-16 AVR Microprocessor PWM ADC  
ATMEGA-168 AVR Microprocessor  
16F84-20 8 bit microcont. EEPROM,RAM 10MHz  
16F877-20P 8 bit microcontroller, EEPROM  
18F458 8 bit microcontroller with CAN  
8031AH/BH Single-Chip 8 bit μP, 128 byte RAM  
80C32 Single-chip 8 bit μP, 256 byte RAM  
8237A Programmable DMA Controller  
8259A Programmable Interrupt Controller  
CTS9513API-2 5chan.16 bit 20MHz counter/timer  
MM58174A μP Compatib RealTime Clock+Xtal MX38  
80C196KB12 16 bit Microcontroller  
SAB80C517 8 bit single chip Micro 18MHz  
SAB80C537 8 bit single chip Micro 12MHz  
PCB80C552-5-16 8 bit single chip 16MHz  
AT89C51-24PC 8 bit MCU  
AT89C2051-24 8 bit MCU, 2K flash ,128 RAM  
AT90S85158JC 8 bit AVR Microcontroller  
IXDP610 PWM Controller  
ICM7211IPL 4 Digit LCD Decoder/Driver  
ICM7224IPL 42 Digit Counter/Decoder/Driver LCD  

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